The Cerny Brothers Sign Record Deal and Release New Album

On their latest album Looking For the Good Land, Scott and Bob Cerny – collectively, The Cerny Brothers – bring an epic edge to their music, expanding far beyond the folksy acoustic based sound of early albums to embrace the storytelling, supersized hooks and cinematic punch of American rock ‘n roll. The eclectic 14 track collection, due May 3 is an organic, honest to God heartland album anchored in the anthemic spirit of Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp and other blue collar artists.  

The album’s first two lead singles, “I Wanna Love You” and “Days of Thunder” have over 100,000 streams on Spotify. In the wake of their success they signed with newly relaunched Cleveland International Records whom at one time was run by legendary music business executive Steve Popovich. Label owner Steve Popovich, JR. says of The Cerny’s, “On behalf of Cleveland International Records, we are beyond excited in welcoming The Cerny Brothers as part of the Cleveland International family. You'd be hard pressed to find another band with the all around talent as these two guys.  They work hard and play even harder.  They are everything that embodies the spirit of Cleveland International and we look forward to championing their continued career.”

The collection was tracked at Cowboy Jack Clements’ iconic studio, where they brothers captured a high-energy sound — including Bob’s pounding piano, Scott’s electric guitar, plenty of vocal harmonies, and the insistent heartbeat of a four-on-the-floor kick drum — in the same room that once housed country icons like Johnny Cash. 

“I think deep down, we’ve always wanted to make an American Rock n’ Roll album,” says Scott. “While our music will always have roots tradition, our new songs were made to be played with the electric guitar and piano.  Over the past three years since moving from California to Nashville, we tried to be as honest as we could, writing and playing songs that best represent us as people and as Americans. Songs like ‘Denver,’ ‘Tennessee’ and ‘American Whore’ combine experiences we’ve had all over the country in a record that means a lot to us on a personal level.” 

Discussing the duo’s new production approach, Bob adds, “Most of our songs before this album were songs written for acoustic guitar and banjo. Our last album, Sleeping Giant, started to see the emergence of electric guitar and a more rock edge to our roots sound. We grew up playing piano, and when we made the decision to buy a keyboard, we started writing songs for the piano and electric guitar and found a new means of expression that tied our adolescence with our lives now. Looking For The Good Land is a culmination of the people and places we’ve come across while traveling across the country as a true working band.” 

Since releasing their debut, Dream, Scott and Bob Cerny have built their audience on the road, traveling far beyond their homes — including rural Illinois, where the brothers were raised; Los Angeles, where they sharpened their chops during the band's early years; and Nashville, where both siblings currently live — to play a string of dive bars, living rooms, clubs, and theaters. It’s been a musical trial by fire. 

Traveling from town to town also opened the brothers’ eyes to the diversity of U.S. society. They made friends in liberal cities, conservative towns, and everywhere in between. Along the way, Scott and Bob took note not only of the things that make each American unique, but the connections that pull us together, too. They realized that regardless of an individual's past, everyone seemed to have one thing in common: they were searching for their own peace of mind. Looking For the Good Land nods to that universal journey, examining what it means to be part of the American story. 

“We're not looking to push any specific ideology,” says Scott. “We're just making observations about what we’ve seen. Across the country, whether you’re a musician or a plumber, you’re looking for your piece of the American pie. Everyone is engaged in their personal politics in search of where they fit in in such a diverse country.” Bob adds, “We just need to be honest with ourselves. I think we’re all just looking for the good land.”    

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