The Cerny Brothers Drop New Album “Looking For The Good Land”

A piano feverishly ascends to the heavens as we enter “Ghost,” the stellar third track in The Cerny Brothers’ latest album Looking for the Good Land, and it isn’t going to stop until it reaches the clouds that are circling the ground below. A golden set of strings join as it skips onward towards its destination, unafraid of what it will find when it gets there, too wrapped up in its own glory to care. The vocals penetrate washing over us with impunity, and we’re transported to an ethereal place where nothing exists other than melody, emotion and the harmony that infinitely binds the two. The Cerny Brothers hold absolutely nothing back lyrically nor musically in Looking for the Good Land, and as haunting a song as “Ghost” is, it’s but a taste of what listeners can expect to encounter when they pick up a copy of this record and give it a spin for the first time. The Nashville based duo by way of Sherrard Illinois, was just named an artist you need to know by Rolling Stone. 

Cleveland International Records rocks!

One of the greatest indie labels in American history is reopening after a heartbreaking hiatus, and they’re celebrating it with the rerelease of their most storied compilation ever.